Block of the Month 2018
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  TIP: January

    It is best not to mix washed with non-washed fabrics in a quilt that will one day be washed.

    Also using polyester thread for piecing will wear out a quilt faster than using cotton thread.  This does not apply to the quilting thread.

  Tip: February

   When you have leftover cuts - use a "removable" label to mark the size on.

  Keep the leftovers with the quilt project until done.

   If your cutting & pressing stations are away from your sewing area - layout  block or parts to be sewn on a piece of cardboard to carry parts to be sewn - and marking stacked sections with a pin on the side to be sewn also helps.

Tip: March

When marking fabric start in the center and mark outward toward edge or corner of fabric - EVEN if you place fabric on sandpaper to hold it in place. Also: A mechanical pencil is more accurate than a reg. pencil.

When choosing fabric; value can be just as important as scale, (size of print). A small cut of a fabric with a med. to large print may change it's value when placed next to a fabric with same color background. ALWAYS CHECK SIZE OF CUTS!

    Using a triangle trimmer is faster than folding the fabrics to find the centers and making sure the fold does not create a "tuck" or crease when sewing.

    The "exploded view" of the blocks are at ~ 1/2 size to save room on the sample board.

Yes I have cut sizes if you want to copy.   They don't all come out to 6 1/2".

   They are a great thing to do with a friendship group. borrow tools, swap F.Q.s, extra help - if not knowing.

Directions for 1/2 sq. triangles are one of the oldest methods known for cutting accurately and sewing on the bias. It is also a good opportunity to start using an "AWL"; as Carroll Lee Stolz wrote about in the Summer 2017 Newsletter. You can view it on guild web site.


  Remember - the only dumb question is one not asked.

  Even if the question is WHY? After all; someone else may have that same question.


Nancy Tomer - BOM Chairperson