WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for March through April


Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our survey regarding workshops for 2018.  There are a few things that you should be aware of.  First of all, the Board determined that there will be a $5.00 charge for each of the monthly workshops.  This fee will cover the $1.00 per person we pay to the Senior Center, plus handouts and any small kits needed.  If there is an additional fee, you will be informed as you sign up for the workshop. Secondly, each monthly workshop will include a “Sensational Shortcut.” These shortcuts will range from techniques meant to save you time, to clever and innovative ideas for making blocks, to budget saving tips.  These will be a great addition to the workshop itself, and something that will   enrich your skills and love of quilting.

The Board determined that, for the coming year, each workshop will cost our members $5.00.  This is to be paid at the time you sign up.   The fee will cover handouts, small kits and the $1.00 that goes to the Senior Center.    If the kits or patterns are more expensive, It’s possible that there may be additional charges.    Lots of fun things are planned for 2018.   Hope you’ll check out our workshops and choose to be a part of this year’s exciting series.


Looking ahead and choosing from the requests that were submitted at our November Dixie Guild meeting, the following workshops have been scheduled:

MARCH 20 - St George Senior Center WHAT ABOUT WOOL?   Explore with us the many uses for wool fabrics in our quilting world.  We will discuss the following questions:

  • What happens when it’s washed?
  • How much will it shrink?
  • Which weave works best?
  • Which colors bleed?
  • Can I use it with other fabrics?
  • How do I stitch it on to the background?


And many, many more questions - some of which you didn’t even know to ask !   We will have a little “hands on” project for you to work on as well.


APRIL 17 - St George Senior Center    I HAVE THIS TOOL    Most of us have a boat load of tools we purchased because they looked so clever, but we have never used them. Some of us are skilled at using one tool for MANY different purposes.    In this workshop, we’ll combine the two - and teach each other.  You will be encouraged to bring the tools you love most - and the ones you know the least about…. but want to.   We will have a hands on demo for using at least half a dozen of the most  popular new tools, and some you maybe didn’t know you could use for different things.    This is meant to be both a teaching and a sharing class.  It should include an interesting show and tell as well.  We will also learn to make labels - on the computer, and why they are important.  We’ll have a lap top and a printer there for you to give it a try.


 Our hope is that some of these look interesting to you, and that you will choose to join us on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.    You will go away with a new appreciation for this art form that we all embrace.