WORKSHOP SCHEDULE September-November

We all have rulers with a 60 degree marking on them, but most of us never learn to use that line, and wonder why it is there. We will experiment and play with all the possibilities that are available with this single reference. Watch for lots more information on this month’s workshop.

November 13 (2nd Tuesday) IT TAKES A VILLAGE
One block that is captivating and fits ANY fabric genre is the old fashioned HOUSE BLOCK. Well, let me re-state that….. there is nothing old-fashioned at all about the House block. In fact, you will find it in all sorts of places in our quilt world - from row quilts, to reproduction quilts, to funky mod quilts. This workshop will provide you a number of patterns for this favorite block. And in addition, you’ll learn how to draft and make your OWN quirky family dwelling - no pattern required. And we’ll even throw in a few trees for your landscape! Watch for more information, and mark you calendar for the SECOND TUESDAY of November, instead of the 3rd week.

Our sign up for October will be the 13th - the day of our October guild meeting. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to contact me - Bonnie - at