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February - No workshop due to Retreat at Springdale, UT   
March - No workshop due to Quilt Show at Dixie Center - See you there!!!!

April 12th - Oh, Those Quiet Moments  -  This workshop will be taught by two gifted quilters, Flora Gilman and Paula McKinlay, who will focus on the joy of quiet stitching, the ease of mobility, and the satisfaction of perfect piecing.  In those quiet moments when we're traveling, when we steal some time for ourselves, or when we're enjoying a TV program, it is often nice to have a "low-maintenance" project with us that we can work on.  No sewing machine, no spray starch, no ironing board and iron, no workspace necessary.

     FLORA will teach a workshop on English Paper Piecing.  This is a method of paper piecing that includes wrapping paper shapes in fabric, and then hand-stitching them together.  And, oh, the places you can go with this technique! 
    PAULA will teach a workshop on hand piecing that focuses on the technique of hand-stitching and perfect piecing,  Paula will also discuss fabrics, needles, and thread choices.

Both workshops will be taught in the classrooms at the Electric Theater from 1 to 4 pm on Friday, April 12th.  Cost is $15 - a special Reduced Price just for the Guild.  For MORE info on this - and pictures, CLICK HERE to see more in the February Newsletter.

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