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Quilts Displayed at 2019
Gems of the Desert Quilt Show
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                                                                Quilts displayed with permission

Category:             Art
Quilt Name:          Narrows
Description:         The Narrows is an interesting hike in Zion National
                             Park.  It requires hikers to walk through water as
                             they make their way along the narrow canyon.

Category:             Art - Landscape
Quilt Name:          Riverwalk
Description:         This quilt began with a photograph taken from a
                            bridge above the Virgin River.  It was included in
                            "Landscape" at the Houston International Quilt

Category:            Art
Quilt Name:        Snow Canyon
Description:       This quilt began as an I-Phone picture.  The red
                           and white Navajo sandstone makes dramatic
                           landscape.  I use my digital image printed onto
                           cotton and then 'paint' the surface.

Category:            Art
Quilt Name:         Fall Aspens
Description:        This quilt includes painted silk for trees, cotton
                           fabric, and fused fabric for leaves.  The inspiration
                           was from Art Quilting Studio Magazine.

Category:            Artistic
Quilt Name:         Flower in the Wind
Description:         A printed panel was deconstructed with sashings.

Category:            Art
Quilt Name:         In Awesome Wonder
Description:         The photo was printed on linen and machine
                            stitched and quilted to enhance the picture. 
                            Metallic threads were used. 

Category:            Modern
Quilt Name:         In Awesome Wonder
Description:         This quilt includes cotton fabric and metallic
                            threads, and metallic fabric in leaf foliage.  The
                            inspiration was from Modern Quilting Magazine.

Category:             Art
Quilt Name:         Sophie
Description:         This quilt is a collage of cat shapes in the colors
                            of my cat, Sophie.  Actual cat toy was purchased. 

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Totally Tulips
Description:         Tula Pink's Tabby Road fabric collection is totally
                            numerous and colorful.  Joined with Jenny Doan's
                            (Missouri Star) tutorial, Totally Tulips was a project
                            I totally loved.


Category:             Hand Appliqué-Large
Quilt Name:          Floral Baskets of the 50 States
Description:          I modified the "Bountiful Baskets" pattern with
                             the "American Album/Hawaii" block for the
                             center feature.  Both patterns are P3Designs.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Desert Triangles
Description:         This jelly roll-inspired quilt is done with Kaffe 
                             Fassett fabrics.  Symmetry and triangles
                             combine  for a wonderful design inspired by
                             To The Point, by Amy Gibson. 

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          All That Jazz
Description:         There was a lot of pin-point fussy cutting to this
                             pattern.  Due to the interlocking of the pieces, it
                             was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together!  The
                             pattern is All That Jazz by Grizzly Gulch. 

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Batik Pinwheels
Description:          My first foray into sewing curves; but I loved the
                             design and am always up for learning new

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Sparkly Nova
Description:          I chose colorful batik fabric for this design and
                             quilted it with a combination of free motion and
                             ruler work.  And bling is always fun! 
                             This pattern is Nova by Karen Brackett.

Category:             Display
Description:          Hundreds of tiny appliqué pieces make up the
                             roses and leaves, which were then machine
                             stitched/outlined.  The design was then free-
                             motion quilted and thread painted.  The pattern
                             is White Roses by Melinda Bula.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          'Goth' Nova
Description:          I made this quilt for my niece, who loves the gothic
                             look.  Her favorite colors are deep purple and black. 
                             The pattern is Nova by Karen Brackett, from That
                             Patchwork Place.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Birds of a Feather
Description:          Seven friends from the Binding Friends
                             friendship group exchanged two blocks each, 
                             and then we each designed our quilts. 
                             The pattern is Feathers by the Pattern Basket.

Category:             Hand Work 
Quilt Name:          Red Work Garden
Description:          I carried pieces of white fabric and red thread to
                             every football and basketball game for my last
                             two sons, hoping for a spare minute to stitch. 
                             This show was an excuse to finish it. 

Category:             Hand Appliqué 
Quilt Name:          Silent Night Nativity
Description:          Three friends decided to make this wall hanging. 
                             The pattern was for fusing, but we prefer needle
                             turn, so adjusted the pattern.  I added hand
                             embroidery detailing.  

Category:             Pieced
Quilt Name:          Crazy About Pinwheels
Description:          This pattern is from the Quilt Magazine, by
                             Tammy Silvers and Julia LaBauve. 

Category:             Pieced
Quilt Name:          John Deere
Description:          This quilt was designed by Lori Holt and published
                              in her book Farm Girl Vintage.

Category:             Pieced
Quilt Name:          Rose Starburst
Description:          This pattern is from a magazine pattern that I
                             had saved.  I made it with fabric from my

Category:             Pieced
Quilt Name:          Stars All Around
Description:          After making this quilt and giving away the
                             pattern, I found it again and made this second
                             quilt.  The pattern is from McCall's Quilting
                             Magazine by Robert Callaham.

Category:             Pieced
Quilt Name:          The Big Catch
Description:          This quilt is made from seven panels.  One
                              is used in the center, and the other six
                              used/cut like a stack-n-whack. 

Category:              Display
Quilt Name:          Affairs of the Heart
Description:          Some ladies from my friendship group decided
                             to make this quilt.  I embroidered the small size
                             blocks and made a bed runner.  The pattern is
                             Affairs of the Heart, by Aie Rossman.

Category:              Display
Quilt Name:          Gretel's Garden
Description:          This pattern was printed in the Summer 2017
                             Simply Vintage Magazine, designed by
                             Country Matters Design. 

Category:              Display
Quilt Name:          Merrie Christmas
Description:          Scrap Apple sponsored a block-of-the-month
                             for this quilt, including kitting the fabrics for us.
                             We all had a good time learning and expanding
                             our skills for wool appliqué.  The pattern is
                             Merrie Christmas by Buttermilk Basin.

Category:              Display
Quilt Name:          Tula Pink's 66 (not 100) Modern Quilt Blocks
Description:          Scrap Apple sponsored classes for Tula Pink's
                             100 Modern Quilt Blocks.  Many of the quilters
                             finished all 100 blocks, but I stopped at 66 so I
                             could get it completed. 

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Merrie Christmas
Description:          This quilt was a block of the month at Scrap
                             Apple Quilts.  It was fun to learn to work with
                             wool and learn new appliqué stitches.  The
                             pattern is Merrie Christmas by Buttermilk Basin.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          NOVA
Description:          My friendship group did this quilt as a group
                             project.  The original pattern was done in
                             batiks.  I did mine in civil war reproduction
                             fabrics.   The pattern is Nova by Karen

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Tula Pinks 100 Modern Quilt Blocks
Description:          This quilt project was hosted at Scrap Apple
                             Quilts.  Original quilt was done in modern
                             fabrics.  I did mine in 30's fabrics.  The pattern
                             is 100 Modern Block by Tula Pink.

Category:            Display
Quilt Name:         Desert Sky
Description:         At the completion of my year as president of 
                            the Dixie Quilt Guild, the members presented
                            me with paper pieced blocks.  I added a border
                            and a few blocks.  I love this quilt, which
                            represents the love of quilting that we share.
                            The pattern is Desert Sky by Judy Niemeyer.

Category:             Art
Quilt Name:          Guadalupe La Nina
Description:          The desire to make a quilt depicting an animal
                             grew to be close to actual size.  How can a
                             long horn cow be small?  The batiks are a variety
                             of colors done as a raw edge appliqué, finishing
                             with large amount of thread play.  The pattern is
                             Abilene by Laura Heine.

Category:             Display
Description:          ISSEI-First generation born in Japan;
                             KIBEI-Second generation born in America
                             and raised in Japan; NISEI-Second generation
                             born in America and raised in America;
                             SANSEI-third generation born in America and
                             raised in America.

Category:             Artistic
Quilt Name:          Moon Aligned
Description:          The inspiration for this quilt came from my
                             study of the eclipse of 1979.  As I worked in
                             wool, the natural fibers took on the look of
                             the heavens surrounding that eclipse.  Since
                             this phenomenon will not occur again until
                             2024, I knew that this was my chance to
                             capture this in fiber. 

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Shikata-ga-nai (It can't be helped)
Description:          In 1942, many American-born Japanese were
                             relocated to the Poston, Arizona Internment
                             Camp.  The name of this quilt is a phrase used
                             to explain their situation to their children.  The
                             middle panel is the camp with an insert of the
                             daughter of two young people who met there. 
                             She was the dream of their future.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Weeping Willow
Description:          Learning to paper piece was a challenge!  One
                             that took three years, as I brought it back each
                             February to retreat.  I did quilt it on my home
                             machine.  This year, I sewed on the binding and
                             label.  The pattern is Weeping Willow by Judy

Category:             Pieced
Quilt Name:          Rose Log Cabin
Description:          This quilt is a product of a quilt cruise I took
                             with my daughter.  The class was taught by quilt
                             designer Deloa Jones, titled Rose Log Cabin. 
                             It was a delightful learning experience. 

Category:              Display
Quilt Name:          Go Run
Description:          Collage quilt made from marathon t-shirts;
                             double-sided with t-shirts on back too.  

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Honoring Gatsey Medlin
Description:          Honoring my third great-grandmother; colors
                             chosen from an authentic Native American rug. 
                             The pattern is Riviera by Crazy Old Ladies.

Category:              Hand Work

Quilt Name:          Over the River
Description:          Hand embroidery winter scenery in fall colors.
                             This pattern is Over the River and Through
                              the Woods by Crabapple Hill. 

Category:              Display

Quilt Name:          Winter Wonderland
Description:          Hand embroidery of snowmen in winter scene.
                             The pattern is Winter Wonderland by Crabapple

Category:              Display

Quilt Name:          Low-Riders
Description:          This pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman, Dogs
                             in Sweaters.  My quilt features dachshunds
                             riding boogie boards with leis and hibiscus
                             flowers.  Quilt is pieced with batiks.  Flowers
                             and boogie boards are raw edge appliqué. 

Category:             Display - Machine  Appliqué

Quilt Name:          Sunkissed
Description:          Southwest pottery done with raw edge
                             appliqué using batik fabrics, with inspiration
                             from Gloria Loughman's piecing techniques. 


Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Barrel of Monkeys
Description:          This was a paper piecing project.  I fussy
                             cut the pick up trucks, and then using hand
                             dyed fabric from Ricky Tims, created the
                             spirals that remind me of the interlocking
                             monkeys in a barrel game I used to play as
                             a child.  The inspiration was from Mandala
                             Quilts, by RaNae Merrill.

Category:             Pieced - Medium

Quilt Name:          Night Flowers
Description:          After teaching this class several times, I
                            decided to utilize my teaching samples and
                            complete the quilt.  I love all the bright colors.
                            Every time I look at the quilts, I remember my
                            classes and the people who participated.  I
                            hope they have all completed their quilts and
                            love them as much as I love mine.  The pattern
                            is One Block Wonder by Maxine Rosenthal.     

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Speedy

Description:           After a presentation on making mini mosaic
                              quilts, I was inspired to make a mini quilt. 
                              This sea turtle was done as a reminder of 
                               our trips to Hawaii.  I love snorkeling and
                               especially love to see the sea turtles.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          The Duke #1

Description:          I took a class on quilted photography many
                             years ago.  The project I started was never
                             finished.  Recently, I attended a presentation
                             on mini mosaics.  After giving it some thought,
                             I decided to try the quilted photography again. 
                             I made this picture of  John Wayne for my
                             husband.  He loved it. 

Category:             Art

Quilt Name:          John Wayne #2
Description:         After making a quilted photo of "The Duke"
                            for my husband in neutral colors, I decided I
                            would like to make a second quilted photo in
                            bright colors.  I love the bright colors.  Now
                            my husband will have two quilted photos of
                            "the Duke".  My husband is super happy.  This
                            quilt was inspired by a class titled Quilted
                            Photography by Tammie Bowser.

Category:             Pieced - Medium

Quilt Name:          Where's the Beef?
Description:          At our 2017 quilt show I took the hexagon
                             class from Marti Michell.  It was a delightful
                             class.  I enjoyed fussy cutting the cows and
                             learning how to make the Y seams.

Category:           Hand Appliqué-Medium        

Quilt Name:        Autumn Leaves
Description:       Autumn Leaves is a quilt inspired by my
                          years growing up in Idaho.

Category:              Display

Quilt Name:          Pinwheels In the Wind
Description:          The pattern used for this quilt is Crazy
                             About Pinwheels.  This quilt was designed
                             by Tammy Silvers and  Julia LeBauve and
                             published in Quilt Magazine.

Category:              Display

Quilt Name:          Wedding Quilt
Description:          Sewing with Nancy was the inspiration for
                             this Quilt.  When I married, my flowers were
                             Pansies and this quilt and the colors
                             represented it so well.  Loved this project!

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Alphabet on Point
Description:          The blocks came from a block exchange
                             at another quilt guild.  I assembled and
                             completed the quilt when I had a great
                             grandchild to receive it. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Conversation in the 1930's
Description:          Five years to collect the reproduction
                             1930's conversation prints, which I love.
                             Ten years, intermittently, to complete the
                             quilt top.  So glad it is finished! 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Star Dance
Description:          This quilt was started at Panguitch Quilt
                             Walk on a class with Jill Finley.  Appliqué
                              is not my strong suit, but  I finished.  The
                              pattern is Star Dance by Jill Finley. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Suzy's Stars
Description:          This quilt was started at Panguitch Quilt
                             Walk in a class by Saundra Cindrich.  It
                             was her design (Suzy's Stars), I chose to
                             do it in solids. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Jeweled Forest
Description:          This quilt was made by foundation
                             paper piecing with easy to join units. 
                             It was made with different shades of
                             batik.  The pattern is Jeweled Forest
                             by Renee Peterson.


Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Shades of Dixie
Description:          This quilt is done with hand appliqué,
                              then the blocks were sewn together. 

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Leaving the Nest
Description:          This quilt was a friendship group project,
                             and I plan to give it to my granddaughter
                             who is heading off to college.  The pattern
                             is Feathers by the Pattern Basket.

Category:             Display
Quilt Name:          Quilt Show Class - Curved Ruler
Description:          This quilt was started in a class at the
                             2017 Dixie Quilt Show.  The pattern is
                             One Wonderful Curve.

Category:             Display 

Quilt Name:          The Elephant Sneeze
Description:           Ella wanted a quilt with pink triangles;
                              then an elephant came along.  Do you
                              know what happens when an elephant
                              sneezes?  Pattern by Myiesha & Katie
                              for Windham Fabrics.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Ann's Fans
Description:          This fabric belonged to a friend, Ann, which
                             was given to me after her death.  This is for
                             you, Ann.  Pattern is Art Deco Fan by Anna


Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Celtic Crystals        
Description:          This pattern is Celtic Crystals by Zebra
                             Stone.  This was a fun block of the month
                             quilt to make.     

Category:              Display

Quilt Name:          Elegant Elements        
Description:          This pattern is by Hoop Sisters using my
                              fabric.  This quilt was a real challenge but
                              fun to make.  The pattern is from Hoop

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Happy Trails        
Description:          This is a block I designed for my Red
                             and White Challenge, but this one done
                             in blues.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Honeycomb Quilt        
Description:          This pattern is Honeycomb Quilt by
                             Anita Goodesigns.  I made a larger
                             version for my daughter who is a
                             beekeeper -- Hey Honey.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Mystery Qult 2015             
Description:          I designed this Utah Quilt Fest Mystery
                             Quilt in 2015.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Mystery Quilt 2016        
Description:          I created this quilt as the Mystery Quilt for
                             Utah State Quilt Fest in 2016.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Ruby Jubilee        
Description:          I always wanted to do a red and white quilt.
                             But from a distance, this quilt looks pink. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Santa Baby        
Description:          This quilt is titled Santa Baby by Buggy Barn.

Category:             Machine Embroidery

Quilt Name:          Sisterhood        
Description:          This is a Hoop Sisters quilt all done on an
                              embroidery machine.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Sparking Gems        
Description:          This Sparking Gems pattern is by Annie
                             Unrein.  I love the colors in this quilt.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Sunflower Illusions       
Description:          This pattern is Sunflower Illusions by Judy
                             Niemeyer.  My sisters and I each made this
                             quilt after taking a class by Judy Niemeyer.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Vintage Remembrance        
Description:          This Vintage Remembrance pattern is by
                             Annie Unrein.  I enjoyed doing this quilt, but
                             didn't get to finish it for a couple of years. 

Category:             Hand Appliqué - Small                

Quilt Name:          Metamorphosis   
Description:          I enjoyed the challenge of this 13-year
                             project.  Hand-appliqué and redesigning
                             a pattern were both new to me when I
                             started, but I achieved both.  The pattern
                             (modified) is Water Lillies by Lotusland.   

Category:             Art - Landscape          

Quilt Name:          Impending Storm  
Description:          Inspired by a photo of the Colorado River
                             (used with permission), created with fabric,
                             paint, alcohol ink, cheese cloth, crayons,
                             and thread.

Category:             Art           

Quilt Name:          The Girls  
Description:          My inspiration for "The Girls" came from
                             a photo (used with permission) using
                             Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Category:             Machine Applique           

Quilt Name:          Hearts a Fire    
Description:          This quilt was a machine appliqué class
                             taught at Dave's Bernina.  It was my first
                             machine appliqué class, and I fell in love
                             with the technique.  The pattern is Hearts
                             A Fire by Smith Street Designs.

Category:             Display           

Quilt Name:          Big Bad Voodoo Daddy     

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Playing by the Rules of Quantum Mechanics
Description:          I love working with rich jewel tone batiks. 
                             Pattern is Nova by Kim Brackett.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Quadrille at the Culpeper Ball
Description:          This pattern is from the Quilt Magazine, by
                             Tammy Silvers and Julia LaBauve. 


Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Summer of 2016
Description:          This quilt was made with fabrics that I
                             acquired the summer we lived in
                             Yellowstone.  The inspiration was
                             Sewing with Nancy.

Category:             Display           

Quilt Name:          Would You Care for Tea?
Description:          I had fun quilting this panel and mitering
                             the striped border.

Category:           Display              

Quilt Name:        Strippy Scrappy Star
Description:        This design was a good use of leftover fabric
                           from previous projects.  It is a design found
                           on You Tube.         


Category:             Display         

Quilt Name:          At Home in the Garden  
Description:          Hand appliqué used on this pattern from
                             Norma Whaley and is titled At Home in
                             the Garden.

Category:             Display      

Quilt Name:         Grandma's Doll House
Description:         I loved this pattern so much, I made four
                            quilts for my granddaughters and one for
                            me!  It was made from my scraps.  The
                            pattern is from Amy Bradley.

Category:             Display      

Quilt Name:         Gretel's Garden
Description:         This pattern was printed in the Summer
                            2017 Simply Vintage Magazine, designed
                            by Country Matters Design.

Category:             Pieced - Stationary Quilted      

Quilt Name:         Midnight Garden
Description:         This quilt is pieced completely, no appliqué! 
                             I feel like I have finally learned how to quilt
                             feathers!  The pattern is Out of the Darkness,
                             by Pam Bono.

Category:            Display      

Quilt Name:         My Cozy Village
Description:         This pattern is titled My Cozy Village by
                            Feliia's World.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Currier & Ives Hexagon Quilt
Description:         This hexagon quilt always has a panel on
                            display any way one approaches the bed. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Marinerls Star
Description:          True Mariner's Star with various color and
                             print combinations.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          A Few of my Favorite Things
Description:         I embroidered around figures.  A matching
                            pillow was embroidered by my grandmother
                            in the 1940's.  The pattern is A Few of My
                            Favorite Things.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Anita's Arrowhead
Description:         This quilt involves sewing two squares
                            together, but them up, sew them together
                            again.  Notice the red sashing squares are
                            fussy cut.  Anita Brumley taught this class. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         Crossword Puzzle
Description:         This quilt was created from a picture.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         50 State Birds & Flowers
Description:          This pattern used iron-on transfer.  I
                              started embroidering in the 1950's,
                              before Hawaii and Alaska were states.
                              A friend designed the two blocks to
                              complete the 50 states. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         Floppy Flo
Description:          This quilt is from the book Flopy
                             Flo Embroidery.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         Grandmother's Flower Garden
Description:         Grandmother's Garden is english paper
                            pieced.  Note the fabric on the back.  I
                            cut hexagons apart to make flowers.  The
                            garden needed a picket fence!

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         Navajo Code Talker
Description:         This pattern, Navajo Code Talker, was
                             included in a quilt magazine.  I love what
                             the Navajo Code Talkers did in WW II.
                             Notice each block has one strip that is

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         Three Generations
Description:          My mother and grandmother traced
                             from Workbasket Magazine (1940's),
                             then colored and embroidered.  I put
                             it together and hand quilted it. 

Category:             Pieced - Large

Quilt Name:         Feather Quilt
Description:          I love this quilt, and was pleased that I
                             was able to use up so many scraps. 
                             The only problem is -- I still have tons of
                             scraps :-).   The pattern is Feather Bed
                             Quilt, by Anna Marie Horner.

Category:             Hand Appliqué - Large

Quilt Name:         Grandma's Country Album
Description:          My mom and I wanted to make this quilt.
                             Her local quilt show was doing it as a
                             block of the month project.  We began
                             making our quilts in 1998.  I had a baby,
                             moved four times, and my mom passed
                             away while making this quilt.  This quilt
                             represents 20 years of love. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:         Strawberries & Cream
Description:          The pineapple block is the design used
                             for the center of this quilt.  A delectable
                             mountain block, that is used around the
                             border, adds a lovely complement to this

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Dresden Heaven
Description:          What began as a pack of quilt charms
                             soon became one of my favorite quilts;
                             so bright and cheery and warm!

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Dresden Heaven
Description:          What to do with so many scraps?  Sew
                             an adorable half-square triangle quilt
                             that is bright and fun!

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Live A Colorful Life
Description:          This quilt was a fun year-long block of
                             the month at the Clover Patch Quilt Store.
                             Uses a variety of different quilt blocks and
                             sewing techniques.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          My Grandmother's Flower Garden
Description:          This quilt is a hand pieced, hexagon
                             flower garden design.  A total of 737
                             one and one-half inch hexagons. 
                             Inspired by my grandmother who loved
                             her flower garden!

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Pennies From Heaven
Description:          This quilt is hand appliquéd and machine
                              pieced with wool.  The pattern is Pennies
                             from Heaven by Gretchen Gibbons.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Christmas Eve
Description:          This is a variation on a workshop project
                              taught by Ruthann Adams. 

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Life is an Adventure
Description:          This quilt is a variation on an idea done by
                              my friendship group. 

Category:             Hand Work

Quilt Name:          Heart Wreath
Description:          I decided I wanted to make hand embroidery
                             blocks  to put into a quilt.  

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          Crazy About Pinwheels
Description:          This quilt was made from a magazine pattern.
                             It was a friendship group project.  The pattern
                             is from the Quilt Magazine, by Tammy Silvers
                             and Julia LaBauve.

Category:             Machine Embroidery

Quilt Name:          Jingle All the Way
Description:          I couldn't wait to get up every morning
                             just to work on this quilt.  Jingle All the
                             Way by Kimberbell.

Category:             Machine Appliqué

Quilt Name:          Pirates Douglas FAIRbanks and
                                          Morgan FAIRchild

Description:          The black pirate fabric was the challenge
                             fabric for the Washington County Fair
                             2018 theme Pirates of the Fairibbean.  The
                             pattern is Smooth Sailing by Quilt Soup.

Category:             Pieced - Medium

Quilt Name:          Reseda Riot
Description:          This quilt gets its name from the black,
                             white, and green fabrics used to make it. 
                             Pattern is from the Dixie Quilt Guild 2018
                             lock of the Month.

Category:             Hand Appliqué - Medium

Quilt Name:          Audra's Iris Garden
Description:          This appliqué quilt started as a kit that
                             my husband gave me.  I substituted
                             several fabrics.  I love the country look
                             and feel of this quilt.  The pattern is
                             Audra's Iris Garden by Jan Patek. 

Category:             Hand Appliqué - Medium

Quilt Name:          Bright Bali Stars
Description:          This quilt was made using batik jelly
                              rolls and layer cakes that I had been
                              acquiring for several years.  I like the
                              contrast of the black background with
                              the bright batiks.  The pattern is Scrap
                              Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.

Category:             Display

Quilt Name:          One Fish
Description:          Simple modern baby quilt that I made
                             for our 19th grandbaby.  The pattern is
                             from Modern Baby; I drew the shapes
                             to appliqué, but didn't buy the book.